Ford Celebrates Canine Travelling Companions

When you get ready to leave in the morning, how does your dog handle it? Probably wants to be going with you if our experience is any indicator and when the time comes that the dog can join, they get extremely excited. Dogs love riding along with us, we know it, and the Ford Motor Company knows it so they posted a new video which celebrates the unique relationship between dog and owner, specifically regarding its relation to the cars in your life.

Check out the video below and be sure to try to identify as many new Ford models as you can and then tell us your favorite dog story in the comments.

From the Ford Fusion to the F-150, the vehicles of the Ford lineup are designed with you, your loved ones, and your pets in mind, so keep them in mind when you are looking for your next vehicle.

To learn more about the offerings of these vehicles and what they can add to your life, come and see us at Cam Clark Ford in Airdrie, AB. We'll help you compare models and features to identify the perfect Ford model for your future.

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