The Surprising Construction of New Ford Models

When it comes to the construction of the vehicles we drive, many of us just assume it's some kind of metal and move on, never paying much attention to the details. But Ford changed all that by introducing a truck made of a military-grade aluminum alloy, making everyone reconsider the elements used to construct the vehicles we drive. But it isn’t the only surprise Ford could throw at us, as a recent video has highlighted the sustainable foods and biomaterials which can be found in the vehicles of the new Ford lineup. Vehicles like the Ford Fusion hold surprising elements in their construction, so take a look below and see what surprises you can find.

Featuring elements of soybeans, rice hulls, wheat straw, coconut, and more, the new Ford lineup boasts an incredible amount of environmental friendliness. With the advantages of Ford EcoBoost® engines, as well as these sustainable foods making up some of the materials, Ford models are stepping boldly into the future and offering many hopes for the future.

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