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This is an added edition to a previous review, this time for the visit was the recall on my block heater and the switch for the cargo lights inside the box of the truck. I don't know how anyone working with vehicles would think that a "female" end for a Block Heater Cord was correct when any standard household outlet is also a "female" connection. The malfunctioning switch was about timing to catch on film, otherwise the vehicle would of been labeled with some kind of phantom problem and I would still be stuck with the issue. Ford "R and D" should spend more time testing something instead of just buying a generic waterproof switch from China and treating it as top quality to the customer. When you buy cheap or poorly made parts you build with cheap poorly made parts. But again the dealership was as always accommodating and I was only short a vehicle for the majority of the day, the only downside was that by the time it was ready I needed to secure an alternative ride, I guess that's how you know it wasn't a huge ordeal. Glad it's fixed and hopefully my truck issues are done, but who knows maybe another review will be needed for some unforeseen thing that was overlooked or missed again. Left in since it wouldn't let me review twice, and a rant with truth is still worth keeping. Full disclaimer and my fault for missing this the first time but my post is simply because of frustration with the product not the dealership. They are easy and nice to deal with, but after a comment to my original just 4 stars no comment, just felt like explaining why only 4 out of 5 My experience with Cam Clark was and has always been good, but my truck is a 2018 and I've had (to any rational person concerned with quality to price) more than expected recalls. So yes the experience with your business establishment was good, but my reasons for needing to return as many times as I have is why 4 stars. Sure it isn't as if you are causing the recall issues, but as a dealership your request for a higher quality vehicle that won't keep needing to be recalled over issues that were either overlooked or poorly executed might help. You might not build the vehicles but you sell them, missing parts or the risk of electrical fires is still a defective product and that's sadly on you. If my work holds me accountable for my mistakes then shouldn't the consumer hold the supplier accountable for selling a defective product that can only be accessed through them, the dealership? Again dealing with the dealership is always good and easy but the reason I've had to keep coming back is because of recalls on the product you sell.

Joshua Unknown

in the last week

I recently had my F-150 recalled for the replacement of a part. Due to the unavailability of the part upon receipt of the recall notice I was placed on a waiting list. Cam Clark was very good about contacting me directly once the part was available and arranged for me to have the part installed at my earliest convenience. I delivered the truck in the morning, they provided me with a courtesy ride home and also picked me up once the truck was ready early in the afternoon, complete with a fresh external washing. This is the level of service I have come to expect from Cam Clark Ford in Airdrie since I started to deal with them when we moved to Airdrie in 2000. I couldn't ask for anything better.

Keith Miles

2 weeks ago

This is my second F150 that I have purchased from a Cam Clark Ford Dealership. Both experiences were very positive. Mat was very helpful and knowledgeable as a sales consultant. The rest of the team was also pleasant and efficient. I am enjoying my new Lariat. Thank you.

Ken Hubbard

2 weeks ago

We recently purchased a new vehicle from Chris Ingram. Chris was awesome to deal with. He is informative, helpful and goes above and beyond. When we went to pick up the truck we met Natalie. Natalie walked us through all the features of the vehicle. She was incredible with our family. We decided to leather our truck and Natalie had made several suggestions. She made sure all details were correct, and that everything was dealt with promptly. Thanks to both of you for an awesome experience!!

Karen Clarke

2 months ago

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